How Do I Become an EMT in Delaware?

The Rundown of EMT Certification in Delaware:

Students must complete EMT training from a state-approved institute in order to get EMT certification in Delaware. Students receive their EMT certification from the National Registry of Emergency Medical Technicians, which provide registration to all the emergency medical technicians from all over the country. The student needs to pass both the written and practical NREMT exams, and then, they are certified as national EMT.

The candidate must pass the written exam, which is a test comprising around 70-120 questions that are required to be answered in 2 hours duration. This is an adjustable difficulty computerized exam. The exam includes topics, such as airway management, ventilation, oxygen therapy, EMS operations, cardiology, health emergencies, and general trauma. In the practical examination, a candidate’s capability to handle traumatic situations, such as, fractures, bleeding, joint dislocations, etc., are tested. A candidate will also be tested on medical emergencies such as, diabetic emergencies, strokes, cardiac arrest, etc. If a candidate fails in the examination, he/she can sit for the next examination after 15 days. Six attempts can be made by the candidate to pass the exams successfully.

Requirements to Get EMT Certificate

  • The minimum age requirement is 18 years.
  • He/she must have successfully finished EMT training from a state-approved training school in Delaware.
  • Passing the NREMT examination is also mandatory.
  • Candidates must also finish a state-approved CPR (Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation) certification.
  • Proof of legal presence in the U.S. also needs to be submitted by the aspirant.
  • Physical health and mental soundness are crucial to getting the certification.
  • The candidate must be deft in writing, speaking and understanding the English language.
  • Potential EMTs must undergo a background check.

Special Requirements

  • The candidate in Delaware must submit his/her application along with the necessary application fee.
  • Qualifying a state-approved practical examination is also necessary.

Process of EMT Certification

Step 1: Get Training

The first thing you need to do for acquiring certification is to complete an EMT training program from a state-approved training institute. EMT professionals in Delaware are certified by the Delaware Office of Emergency Medical Services.

Step 2: Submit an Application for National Certification

  • The candidate should go to the NREMT website and create his/her account by clicking on the link of “Create New Account”.
  • Next, the candidate must create a new application by clicking on the link “Create Initial Entry Application”.
  • After completing the process of the online application, the application fee must be paid by the candidate in order to avoid further inconvenience.
  • Now, he/she should check the status of the exam application by clicking on “Check Initial Entry Application Status” and checking the “Authorization to Test” (ATT) Letter on the website’s homepage by logging into it through the username and password.
  • If the option “Submitted” appears on the link beside “Course Completion Verification”, this infers that the site has provided the candidate’s details, and now the authorization by the education program director that the course is completed is being awaited.
  • However, if the link of “Not Submitted” appears beside “Application Payment”, it means that the candidate must pay the application fee before he/she receives the ATT Letter.
  • The link saying “Print ATT Letter” will appear on the candidate’s profile on the website if the course completion process has been verified properly and the application fee has been paid.
  • After taking out the print out of the ATT Letter, the candidate needs to schedule his/her exam.

The ATT Letter will direct the candidate on how to manage the scheduling of his/her examination by using the Pearson VUE website.

The NREMT practical examinations are conducted by the state-approved EMT training programs.

Step 3: Background Check of the Candidate

Finally, the criminal background check of the candidate must be completed by obtaining a form from the Delaware State Fire School, in order to complete the certification process.

Renewal of EMT Certificate in Delaware

  • Delaware Technical Community College -Terry
    Address: 100 Campus Drive, Dover, Delaware- 19904-1383
    Contact Number: (302) 857-1020
    Official Website:
  • Delaware Technical Community College- Georgetown
    Address: 21179 College Drive, Georgetown, Delaware- 19947
    Contact Number: (302) 259-6000
    Official Website:
  • Delaware Technical Community College- Wilmington
    Address: 333 North Shipley Street, Wilmington, Delaware- 19801
    Contact Number: (302) 571-5300
    Official Website:

Delaware EMT Contact Information:

Emergency Medical Services
Karyl Rattay, MD, MSFAAP, FACPM, Director
Crystal Webb, Deputy Director
(302) 744-4700; FAX: (302) 739-6659
417 Federal Street
Jesse Cooper Building
Dover, DE 19901

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