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This article is for informational purposes only. It may contain graphic images, reader discretion is advised. A proper trauma assessment is the cornerstone to any EMT’s skill set. DCAP BTLS is an easy to remember acronym that helps emergency first

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Crush the NREMT With These 33 Proven Study Tips

Photo By: Aaron Smith Used with permission via Creative Commons 2.0 What is the NREMT Exam? Updated for 2021 In most states, the process for certification in the EMS field involves the National Registry. The Registry is a testing body

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I have 13 years of EMS experience in the Metro Detroit area. I want to share my experience and knowledge in helping you start your medical career. Working in EMS is a great way to get that foot in the door. Many EMTs go on to become Paramedics, Doctors, ER Techs, Nurses, and other high-paying medical roles.


We all start somewhere, and becoming an EMT could be your first step into a rewarding career.