Become an EMT, Start Today

Become an EMT, Start Today

Do you want to help the sick and injured? Consider becoming an EMT!

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There are very few career choices a person can take that allows them to make positive impacts in the lives of people. As an EMT or Paramedic, you will be called upon to make crucial decisions that will affect the outcome of your patient in a prehospital setting. Without the dedicated men and women in the EMS field, the mortality of patients in the field would be drastically lower without immediate prehospital interventions of emergency personnel. The purpose of this site is to not only provide information as to where a prospective emergency worker can obtain his or her training, but also provide additional and easy to access study material to help these candidates pass their classes and also the NREMT exam.

An Emergency Medical Technician is paid to render aid in emergency situations. Whether it’s trauma, heart attacks, facility transfers or on the scene of a motor vehicle accident – an EMT’s duty is an extremely important one, which is why the emergency medical field is one of the most popular among job seekers today.
Most are employed by private companies, others by city municipalities. No matter what part of the United States you may live in, there’s always a demand for skilled lifesavers, however, training requirements and regulations vary from State to State in the U.S.

The job description for an EMT will vary depending on the level of EMT license is possessed by the technician. For example, an EMT-Basic will have different sets of responsibilities than an EMT-Paramedic – who is able to render advanced care and give medications in a prehospital setting. Some EMTs will be on Ambulances, while others may ride in fire trucks on a fire department.

Typically, however, the job entails:

  • Identifying medical emergencies.
  • Improving patient survival rates.
  • Communicating with Doctors via radio or phone patch.
  • Assisting people during life threatening situations when they arise.
  • For more information about the EMT job description, click here.

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